Herbert  loves bugs.  Bugs are some of his best friends, but of course, Jellybean is his very best friend of all.

Herbert thinks bugs have very funny faces, and this makes him laugh a lot when he is with them.  The bugs think Herbert is funny because he laughs so much, and so they made him an honorary member of the Independent Insects Party.  He attends their meetings every week and wears a special hat that they wove for him out of sticks and blue straw.  It is very small.

Herbert is a simple, silly glowmer!*  He likes to roll down gently sloping, grassy hills and play Spotted Dotted with Hal, a local snail.  Spotted Dotted is a game that involves hopping around in a sack, gathering as many Dotted Guinea Fish under one arm as possible and singing, "Whabuddy woobuddy doo; Spotted fishes are covered in goo".  Since Hal is a very slow snail with no arms, sometimes Herbert lets him skip the singing part of the game...to make it easier.

In the morning, when Herbert wakes up, he rubs his eyes, his ears and the point on top of his head.  Then he gets dressed.  Herbert always finds blue overalls and tennis shoes to be the perfect choice.  Next, he makes himself a giant bowl of his favorite food, oatmeal with rapselberry jam, and sits down to eat it on a comfy, but slightly lopsided, yellow striped mushroom.  After breakfast, Herbert does a little dance to the front door and steps outside to greet the day.  He throws his arms out wide, takes a big breath and says:

"Hello, little day, big day, all the days rolled into one!"

He smiles, feels pleased, makes a small bow and then strolls off, in no particular direction, to see what he might see.

*Glowmers, of which Herbert is one, are creatures that live in the Irregularly Shaped Land of Wimblits and Glowmers.  Most glowmers have velvety, many lobed ears, a small point on their heads and round bellies.  They live in Gigi nut trees and are very joyful, loving creatures, fond of celebrations of all kinds.

On warm evenings in Sproing, the Pipoot Plant hums a little tune and drops its seeds into the large, ridged stalk at its base.   So begins the life of a glowmer.  Over many months, the seeds grow and stretch and yawn and change, until one day a small, pointy head can be seen sticking out at the top of the stalk.  The head glows; a sign that the baby is about to emerge.  Excitedly, the eight shortest glowmers gather around the stalk and have a celebration to welcome the newborn glowmer into the community.  They all say, "Yahoozie!", and do a special dance involving spoons.

Glowmers share their Irregularly Shaped Land with wimblits.  Herbert’s best friend Jellybean is a wimblit.

The Irregularly Shaped Land of Wimblits and Glowmers is surrounded by many different, beautiful lands on the Continent of Wuz, on a world called Woo.

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