Jellybean  is an excitable, adventurous wimblit*!  She loves to skip through the forest wearing colorful leggings and is particularly fond of polka dots and stripes.

In Jellybean’s free time, she likes to start conversations with new and interesting creatures.  She usually begins by looking for them under mossy logs, up Twiddle trees, inside giant Marshmarsh flowers and between the cracks of old Trillium bridges.

Jellybean likes to imagine what it would be like to live as a different creature for a day.  She thinks it would be very funny to be a Waterbelly Wallupseed, a Cloud Bettle or even a Sunflower Salamander.

Jellybean knows 7,426 different languages, but uses only about 32 on a daily basis, mostly to talk to the creatures and plants that live nearby.

Every morning, Jellybean wakes up and puts on her leggings.  Then, she opens her window, sticks her head out and greets the day by saying:

"Oh Great, wide, wonderful, beautiful World,
With the wonderful waters around you curled,
And the wonderful grasses upon your breast,
Oh World, you are beautifully dressed.

"The wonderful air is over me,
And the wonderful wind shakes the Nestling tree,
It walks on the water, it dances and trills,
And talks to itself on the tops of the hills.

"You friendly Land! how far do you go,
With the flowers that nod and the rivers that flow,
With forests and deserts, and cliffs, and caves,
And creatures upon you, and under your waves.

"From hill top to tree top I’ll discover and play,
Oh beautiful Land, thank you for this day."

Then, she kisses the Jellybug that sleeps in a tiny bed on her windowsill, squawks "Good morning" to the Nestlings in her Nestling tree and skips out the door to begin the day’s adventure.

*Wimblits, of which Jellybean is one, are creatures that live in the Irregularly Shaped Land of Wimblits and Glowmers.
Most wimblits have blue horns, small ears and red, yellow or purple hair.  They enjoy games and are very friendly, peaceful creatures.

On still nights when the moon is full and laughter can be heard in the forest, wimblits spring to life in droplets of dew.  In the morning, they wiggle from the dew as small purple and green striped caterpillars, and set out to eat as many Gigi nuts as possible.  Soon they become very full and very sleepy, and so climb a nearby tree.  They usually fall fast asleep under a blanket of twigs in the nest of a Nestling, and awaken ten days later as young wimblits, horns and all.

Wimblits share their Irregularly Shaped Land with glowmers.  Jellybean’s best friend Herbert is a glowmer.

The Irregularly Shaped Land of Wimblits and Glowmers is surrounded by many different, beautiful lands on the Continent of Wuz, on a world called Woo.

(Note: Jellybean’s daily greeting is a modified version of the poem Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful World by William Brighty Rand.)

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