Little Green Bit*  is kind of a home body.  He loves his lily pad.  It is light green, slightly squishy and has a small hole on one side.  Sometimes, through the small hole, he can see red spotted fish swimming in the purple waters below.

Little Green Bit knows one red spotted fish named Allister.  Sometimes, in the evenings, Allister will swim to the surface, and he and Little Green Bit will whistle show tunes together.  The pond creatures all listen quietly as the tunes are carried on the breeze.

In his free time, Little Green Bit is particularly fond of catching flies and eating them with a loud slurping sound, playing bass recorder in his recorder quartet, knitting himself superhero outfits (masks included, to preserve his secret identity) and dancing the boogie-woogie.

Little Green Bit had never been out of his purple pond before he met Jellybean and Herbert, so he only speaks one language: Peep.  He has begun to learn Speckled Slugese and Pig Latin, however, because he is now so fond of the lovely Queen of the Speckled Slugs and her slug people, and because his purple pond is often frequented by groups of latin pigs.

Learning is slow going, but Little Green Bit is making progress.  For example, today he learned how to say, "Please pass the black bean stuffed gumdrops" in Speckled Slugese, and "This mud stinks like Llamas" in Pig Latin.  Both, very important phases to know, he was assured.

When Little Green Bit wakes up in the morning he likes to peep softly in the mist.  Then, he watches the moons set and the sun rise, and listens to the forest around him begin to stir.  The flies wake up at this time too, so Little Green Bit keeps one eye peeled for his breakfast.  Sometimes he feels that a change of scenery is in order, so he hops to a small sandbar in the middle of the pond.  The sandbar is covered with orange reeds and fuzzy, green plants with pink spots.  Little Green Bit blends in perfectly.  Most days he does little else.

*Little Green Bit is a frog that inhabits the purple ponds in the Kingdom of the Heron.  Little Green Bit and his relatives are all small, roundish, green frogs with large eyes and pink spots.  They are happy, calm creatures, unaccustomed to excitement and adventure.

Little Green Bit began his life as an egg, stuck to the underside of a fallen leaf.  When the time came for him to hatch out of his egg, his mother scooped him into her mouth and slowly carried him up a nearby Sundrop Tree.  She dropped the egg into one of the many plants that attach themselves to the sides of the Sundrop.  These plants have small pools of water at their center, perfect for tadpoles.  For many weeks, Little Green Bit grew and swam until he noticed his body changing.  His tail was shrinking and something strange was sprouting out at his sides: legs. Now too big for the pool in the plant, Little Green Bit climbed the leaves and gazed down at the large pool (his pond) below.  He made a giant leap for it!  He landed, with a plop, on a light green, slightly squishy lily pad, his little back foot making a slight tear on one side of the pad from the fall.  He was home.

Little Green Bit shares the purple pond with his many frog relatives, flies, dragonflies, damselflies, swallow moths, butter butterflies, waterfall walker beetles, and many varieties of fish and snakes.

The purple pond is located in the Kingdom of the Heron, near the Irregularly Shaped Land of Wimblits and Glowmers and the Jarnaca Jungles.  It is also surrounded by many other beautiful lands on the Continent of Wuz, on a world called Woo.

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